Thursday, June 10, 2010

Writing "The World of VHF" for Practical Wireless

If you've been reading the blog for a while you'll probably remember that up until just over a year ago, I was writing the 'Sport Radio' column for Radcom. I'd been writing it for about ten years and I thought that it was time for someone with a fresh perspective to write the column. Part of me didn't miss the deadlines at all, but on the other hand, writing a column can be good fun.

When the opportunity arose a few weeks ago to write a VHF column for 'Practical Wireless' I was delighted. David Butler, G4ASR was moving onto fresh writing challenges so a vacancy arose! I'd always wanted to write a VHF column for a magazine, as VHF/UHF has been a consistent interest in amateur radio for me over the 28 years or so that I've had a licence (gulp...). I enjoyed writing the guest VHF column for Radcom recently and realised that I would enjoy writing a regular column.

Talking to the Practical Wireless editor, Rob Mannion, G3XFD, I realised that writing for PW would be great. The editorial team have been so enthusiastic and welcoming, I can't say enough nice things about them! We've got lots of ideas for the new VHF column, which we've titled "The World of VHF". One of the reasons that I love the idea of writing for PW is that it is a magazine that's available on the High Street, which makes it really accessible to people who are just starting out in the hobby, as well as one that interests people with a more long-standing interest to.

David's column in PW, "VHF DXer" has been focussed on VHF DXing. We're committed to keeping up the great coverage of the VHF DXing scene that Dave's started, but we're also keen to cover other aspects of VHF/UHF operation too.

I'm going to need lots of help in writing the new column - reports, news - whatever you have! You can e-mail news in to tim at g4vxe dot com - or find me on Twitter (@g4vxe).

I'm really looking forward to the new column - but more importantly - I'm really hoping that you'll enjoy it too.


g4ilo said...

Congratulations, Tim. I may even start reading PW more regularly! If you are looking for a topic then Wainwrights On The Air is done almost exclusively on VHF and with the holiday period coming up and many PW readers visiting the Lake District it might be something of interest. If the website doesn't answer your questions I'll be happy to.

Tim said...

Thanks very much, Julian.

It would be great to feature Wainwrights on the Air. Thanks for the idea. I'll have a proper read and see if there are any questions.


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