Monday, May 17, 2010

UK 5MHz experiment extended until 2015

The current 5MHz experiment, whereby Notice of Variations (NoVs) have been issued to allow UK full licence holders to operate on certain nominated frequencies in the 5MHz band has been extended. The experiment was due to end on 30th June 2010, but it has now been extended for another 5 years.

You can read the OFCOM announcement here

I was one of the original 5MHz NoV holders but let it lapse when I became somewhat disillusioned with an attempt to run the experiment and operation on the band in quasi-military style. Whilst I'm all for decent operating standards, what was being suggested seemed somewhat ridiculous in the context of amateur operation.

Time's moved on and I thought it would be interesting to operate on the band again, so I've applied for an NoV. I'll let you know when it arrives and we'll get on with some experiments with low power.


Anonymous said...

A year an a half has gone by.. Did the NOV arrive?

Tim said...

Dear anonymous,

Yes, about 2 days later. I've had a handful of contacts since.



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