Monday, May 24, 2010

My 1st 50MHz ES of the season from the car

No opportunity to try and work out whether the 50MHz FM set was working properly or not this evening! 50MHz was lively around Europe as I drove home and I managed several SSB contacts from the mobile including 9A2PT, S52DD, E76C and some others!

One of the perils of mobile operating is that you don't write the callsigns down!


g4ilo said...

It isn't always so easy to log calls on a windy hilltop either. You'd think someone would have the idea to integrate a voice notepad with a portable or mobile radio. After all, a £10 MP3 player can do it.

Tim said...

It's true!

There's a voice memo feature on the iPhone which I suppose could be used - I'm sure there's something similar on other phones.

I've got a pretty good memory, but it doesn't always work!


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