Thursday, April 29, 2010

Easypal - Digital SSTV

A couple of evenings ago, I called CQ on 50.150 on the drive home and was called by Nick, G1URJ at Wallingford. Had a nice chat with him and he mentioned an interest of his was SSTV. I said, 'Ah, you'll know my friend Bob, G0ADH who does SSTV too...'.

Nick said that indeed he did, but that his own interest was in Digital SSTV. I had to confess that I hadn't come across Digital SSTV as opposed to Analog SSTV transmitted by MM-SSTV and the like.

Nick mentioned EasyPal written by Erik, VK4AES - and having gone through some of the websites devoted to it, the pictures are quite spectacular, with error free pictures being shown. Have a look at some examples on G0HWC's website - impresive pictures.

Easypal is free to download and use. Nick mentioned 3.733 is a good place to start listening - with 14.233 the 20m frequency. You only need a regular digimodes interface, so it should be quite easy to get going.

I've never got hugely into SSTV, but it's a fun thing to try and really great for demonstrations. Easypal is certainly on my list of things to try out.


andrew said...

Fire up your computers and give it a go.....
whilst ive been a life long fan of HF SSTV, with the state of the HF bands a few of us moved sstv onto 2m for a tuesday & thursday local net.... it wasnt long before we discovered Digital SSTV (or RDFT Via DRM, to give it its correct title)
we've now been using this for severeal years and havn't looked back, the quality you get form this mode using local 2M FM is amazing.. so go on give it a go.

Andrew M1DNS

Tim said...

Hi Andrew,

I certainly will. Tried to install it on the laptop today, but I couldn't get it to run. Easypal closed as soon as it started. Odd. I'm sure I'll find why in due course, but haven't tracked it down yet!



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