Friday, March 19, 2010

An unusual Echolink QSO this morning...

I always enjoy talking to Des, G0RBD as he has a very wide interest in the hobby and there's always something new or interesting to discuss. This morning we hooked up on GB3TD as I was driving down to Didcot from home.

One of the things we were talking about was Echolink. I mentioned on the blog a week or two ago that I have the Echolink client for the iPhone which works well. As I was approaching Didcot, I asked Des if he could access GB3FH in Somerset. He said he couldn't directly, but that GB3FH is connected to GB3ZY (Dundry Hill 50Mhz repeater)which he could access. We signed on GB3TD as normal but agreed to try via GB3FH/GB3ZY.

As I was walking away from the car, I connected up my headset to the iPhone, started up the Echolink client on the phone and connected to GB3FH using the 3G network. I called Des via GB3FH/GB3ZY and we were both delighted to find that it worked well. In fact it worked so well, that Des could hear the station announcements as I walked up onto Platform 2 at Didcot!

Excellent fun.

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Anonymous said...

estou querendo saber como eu instalo esse aplicativo se puder me ajudar agradeco forte 73 py5saf


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