Monday, March 22, 2010

Mobile activities over the weekend

On Sunday, I drove over to see Mum in Cheltenham and had some good QSOs whilst I was mobile travelling over the Cotswolds. As ever, GB3UK on Cleeve Hill provides great coverage for the majority of the journey.

Driving back home, there wasn't so much activity, so I was tuning around to see what I could hear out of the ordinary.

First 'interesting thing' was hearing the Farnham 50MHz repeater, GB3FX on the hills outside Cheltenham. I was able to blip up GB3FX which had a great signal once I had climbed up the hill out of Andoversford on the A40 heading east.

View GB3FX 6m repeater audible in Glos in a larger map

As you'll see from the map, it's a decent distance. It's possible that using GB3FX from up on the Cotswolds could cause some issues to users on GB3ZY, the 50MHz repeater on Dundry Hill, as they're spaced only 10khz apart and GB3ZY is a BIG signal on the Cotswolds. So do try it, but be mindful of ZY!

The second interesting path I discovered was to the South-West, from the hills around Burford to GB3ZB, the 70cms wide split repeater on Dundry Hill (co-sited with GB3ZY). Signals weren't huge, but I could easily access the repeater

View GB3ZB Dundry Hill in a larger map

I'll have to keep an eye on GB3ZB. It's well sited, so will presumably come up nicely with good conditions to the South West.

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