Monday, March 08, 2010

A few contacts this weekend

We had quite a busy weekend, but I managed a few minutes on the air. I walked up to the allotment field on Saturday afternoon to measure for a polytunnel. The field is at the top of the ridge that runs through Longworth and I took my E-92 handheld with me and was scanning around. I heard GB3EH on 433.200 which was a repeater I'd not heard before. GB3EH turns out to be on Edge Hill near Banbury (I looked up the details on my phone, whilst I was out!). Interestingly, GB3EH didn't seem to have CTCSS access and, as I couldn't remember how to do a 1750hz tone on the E-92, I tried the time-honoured method of whistling the repeater up (I favour a glissendo whistle which, hopefully, passes through 1750hz at some point! - a trick taught me by my old friend Evan, G3CJ who sadly passed away several years ago).

Malcolm, G8NRP mentioned in an e-mail to me that he'd been at G3PIA on Saturday afternoon working some very strong German stations. I didn't get to check 144/432MHz SSB before Saturday night/Sunday morning. I had some nice contacts, though nothing terribly distant. PA6NL were the best DX for me on 432MHz, coming up to a good S9 as they turned the beam in this direction.

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