Sunday, February 21, 2010

Remembering Jack Greenwood, G3TUN

Yesterday, Lori, one of my Twitter friends sent me a lovely picture of her Dad's radio shack. I asked her if she could tell me a little more.

Jack Greenwood was G3TUN. The photo was taken in the late 1960s in their home in Aldershot. Sadly, Jack died in 1998. Enjoy the picture - there's some great equipment on show.

Do you remember working Jack, G3TUN? Do you have one of his QSL cards? Lori is hoping to find one of his QSLs, so if you have the opportunity to scan one, let me know!


Anonymous said...

I have fond memories of Jack,he was very partial to Badger ale,and we shared a few at various times over the years.I remember in the 80s John G3SZG and Jack together with Chris G3TUX going to secret meeting places for a beer....the rest of us tried our best to find them but they kept changing the venue :-)
I popped in to see Jack in Basingstoke during his illness,and he was still enthusiastic about radio despite his obvious pain.He gave me a nice Sony Amp (Ive still got it),and we exchanged some stories about radio and building stuff.It was the last time I saw him.He was a lovely bloke...always keen to pass on knowledge,we shared many laughs over the years.I was very sad when he passed away.
I might have a card from him somewhere...he gave me a QSL when we first met,I will have to dig about in the mess I call the shack.


Tim said...

Hi Paul,

Great to hear from you and thank you for your recollections of Jack. I've passed them onto his daughter, Lori!

If you've got a QSL card, then that will be brilliant! If you find it and can scan it, I could pass a copy onto Lori.

All the best,



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