Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Radcom VHF/UHF Column: A guest opportunity!

I was exceited yesterday to have an e-mail from Elaine, G4LFM the RSGB's RadCom editor inviting me to take a guest slot for Radcom's 'VHF/UHF' column, following the death of Norman, G3FPK.

I'll be writing the May issue, so will be writing the column towards the end of March and early April. I'll be pleased to incorporate any of your VHF/UHF news. I've got some ideas! It's exciting as the Radcom VHF/UHF column is one that I have always been very interested in and writing it will be a great thrill.


g4ilo said...

Congratulations, Tim. You'll be writing it at just about the time that the sporadic-E is waking up, so it might be a good time to mention the propagation alert service and the maps that show the sporadic-E openings.

I can imagine how excited you are about it. I actually applied for the job of writing that column 30 years ago after G4ANB gave it up and I was interviewed at the RSGB editorial office which was then in Chelmsford. I think the fact that at the time I lived in a bed-sit in South London and had no actual aerials up probably counted against me and it went to Ken G8VR as everyone knows.

I didn't consider applying this time as I am almost as badly antenna-challenged, plus having recently given up after a more than 10 year stint as PC Advisor's agony uncle I've probably had enough of meeting monthly deadlines.

I look forward to reading your column!

Phil said...

Tim, what brilliant news well done. Would be great if it became a permanent postion with all your VHF/UHF experience. I will keep my fingers crossed. 73s Phil G0BVD

Nigel Roscoe G0RXA said...

Hello Tim,

Will look forward to the May edition hitting the door mat and will head straight for the VHF column.


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