Monday, February 01, 2010

GB7ML D-STAR node on air from Tring and MB6AM changes frequency

The Amersham Wireless Repeater Group ( have another D-STAR node on the air, from their site at Tring. GB7ML came on air last Saturday, 30th January at 1000z.

I happened to be wandering through the shack and noticed some calls showing up on GB7ML through the site. I connected to REF013B with the DV Dongle and was pleased to work Iain, G0RDI who was in the process of commissioning the repeater.

I've not yet heard GB7ML (439.4625MHz output) but I'm hopeful that it should be audible from around our part of West Oxfordshire - the co-sited MB6AM is regularly audible.

And on the subject of MB6AM, it's now changed frequency to 145.2875.


G8JAC said...

Why is MB7AM on 145.2875? This frequency is already being used by MB7IPL in Purley, Surrey.

G6CJR said...

Why is this repeater working on a frequency which is allocated to FM internet voice gateway? This does not conform to the band plan.

Tim said...

I don't know the specifics behind the choice of the frequency and I don't suppose you expect me to know.

Is MB6AM interfering with your use of MB7IPL? If it is, then drop Iain, G0RDI a line.

Iain, is a) a good guy b) well placed to talk about frequency planning and the band plan and c) keeper of MB6AM

You should be able to find his e-mail address at QRZ.COM or through the

Give him a shout..

G4TTR said...

@G6CJR it is not a repeater it is a simplex gateway - which fits in the with the 2m bandplan fine.



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