Sunday, February 14, 2010

The DVAP Dongle hits the streets

Listening to the D-STAR reflectors today and specifically some of the news from the Orlando Hamfest, it's interesting to learn that the first few DVAP Dongles have been produced.

It sounds as if 100 units have been produced.

So what's a DVAP Dongle? It's a unit which plugs into your computer and uses functionality similar to the DV Dongle to connect to the D-STAR network across the Internet. The AP (Access Point) bit is because the device also has a 10mW transmitter built in. You set the Access Point to a particular frequency and then you can use your D-STAR handheld around the house or the near vicinity of the access point.

It sounds like the DVAP Dongle may be a little time to reach Europe, but I'm assured that it will!

Having heard a few on the air, they sound good. It'll be interesting to see how they work out.

Installation instructions for the DVAP Dongle here:

There's a new Yahoo group for discussions on the DVAP Dongle too


Anonymous said...


My name is ANDRES LUCIANO GUERRA TUMANG my pref. is PY2 FJ in BRAZIL in GG67EG ok.
This AP DV is very well, I play...
GOOD equipament.

Anonymous said...

where did you get the DVAP from ? been looking at the 4 main radio shops in the UK and cant find the DVAP... ?

From, a G7 in Northampton


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