Monday, January 11, 2010

Worth a read: David, W6DTW on shooting ourselves in the foot

I haven't come across David, W6DTW's blog before, but it's well worth a read.

His latest post on Shooting ourselves in the foot: Amateur Radio's Culture of Exclusion is well worth a read. David describes the problem admirably, though doesn't really suggest how we might find a solution (which I think most of us would struggle to do!)

David's point about Twitter in the last paragraph is well made and I know will cause some friends in two CW clubs I could mention, a wry smile!

Check out too, David's posting on 'An example of why Amateur Radio is failing to attract young people'. Interesting points.

Practically, there's an interesting link from K6DBG on how to turn a WiFi router into an APRS digi.

Thanks for some thought provoking posts, David! I've added you to my RSS reader!


Steve Bunting said...

MB7UBP is running the north London Igate on an Asus router. It has been running for about a year now with no interruption, apart from when I operate on 2m phone/cw/MS! There are other bits of software coming out for embedded PCs, but one ends up having to be a full on linux freak to use them and I am on all the way there yet...

Sparqi said...

Thanks for the comments, and for the follow!


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