Monday, January 04, 2010

So you want to be a Polar Bear QRP operator?

If you've watched some of Steve, WG0AT's Peanut and Rooster videos, then you might have wondered, as I did, what the Polar Bear operators that are often mentioned are.

This lunchtime, I did some hasty research! It turns out that the EPA QRP Club (N3EPA)are the creators of the Polar Bear QRP Club. As you can read here members of the Polar Bear QRP Club agree to take their radios to the great outdoors and operate in the months of October to March.

You can join the ranks of the Polar Bears at their Yahoo Groups List here

Hmmm. I could dress myself up warm, walk up Harrowdown Hill, taking the FT817 a battery and an aerial and see what I could do.... The Polar Bear events are listed here. The next event is currently scheduled for the 30th January, 2010 and is excitingly titled 'The Wolf Moon'.

OK. Here goes the seemingly obligatory public safety message. I'm enticing you to go out in the cold and operate your radio. Wrap up warm, be safe and don't sue me if you freeze, ok? Seriously, as with any outdoor radio activity you need to take care, but you know that....!

I know more and more people who are combining their love of the outdoors with a simple approach to amateur radio - hopefully this will appeal to you!

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g4ilo said...

I've always been puzzled by the QRP postings about polar bears, foxes, goats and other creatures. Thanks for enlightening me as to the meaning of one of them.


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