Thursday, January 21, 2010

OK2BVG hears G3XBM on 500khz at a distance of 1229 kms

Yesterday, I blogged about the tests that Roger, G3XBM was making with his 1mW ERP signal on 500khz. The great news is that Lubos OK2BVG has heard Roger's signal at a distance of 1229 kms. Really impressive! Actually, Lubos clearly has an excellent receive setup as he has heard G3ZJO's 200 MICROwatt ERP signal.

On G3XBM's blog, Lubos describes that he established a remote station at a quiet, country location to listen on 500khz and has been controlling his receiver via the Internet.

So, the 1000km barrier is broken. Just how far will a 1mW ERP 500khz signal go?

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