Saturday, January 02, 2010

A new decade, a new morse club? CWOPS

In the course of some e-mails last night with I learned that a new International CW Club had been formed, by Jim, N3JT. In part (and these are my words) this has probably come about out of some dissatisfaction with the First Class CW Operator's Club (FOC) [incidentally, I resigned from that club, yesterday].

The club is clearly new, but in its aims, it appears to address a number of the shortcomings that FOC has either had, or been perceived to have had.

If you're interested in Morse, then perhaps you may care to take part in some of the activity periods. I know many of the members of the new club and am sure that you will receive a warm welcome.

Have a read about CWOPS here (beware, it's got background sound on the home page!)

Me? I don't think I'll be rushing to join any morse clubs. I think I'll just try to use morse on the bands where it's appropriate and to encourage others to do the same.


Dave (G0DJA) said...

Since you have to me nominated, and sponsored, and all of the frequencies mentioned are HF, it's unlikely that anyone who uses CW on VHF/UHF alone would ever qualify.

Are there any CW Clubs for VHF/UHF enthusiasts who don't use HF much?

Tim said...

Interesting question, Dave and I agree, VHF ops don't seem to get much 'credit' in these HF-orientated CW clubs for their activity.

I had at the back of my mind that the AGCW-DL used to run some VHF sessions, but looking at their site, they look mostly HF orientated too.

Maybe someone will pop up here and tell us about a VHF orientated CW club!

YO4PX said...

Tim, I have posted a comment a few days ago, but you "moderated" it. No problem! I resigned from FOC, I was the first who did it and last night I signed up to CWops. It will be a great club, look at the Members' Roster:
Fery, YO4PX

Tim said...

Hi Fery, I did (and I 'moderated' several others too!) Please don't be offended. I didn't want this blog to get involved in the whys and wherefores of what had gone wrong in the past - but I've been keeping an eye on the CWOPS membership list - membership is going well!

It's in all our interests to see Morse and Amateur Radio thrive!

I know we all agree on that!

Good luck and see you on the air, I'm sure!

73, Tim

G0DJA said...

Well, things have moved on a pace and I'm now a member of the CWops group, nominated to the VHF group and have volunteered to stand on the CWops booth at Dayton Hamvention for an hour on Friday and Sunday.

So, I'm now one of those who are asked to put the case for using CW, especially on VHF and UHF...

E said...

Tim I have been a member of foc twice
1983 to 1996 and 1998 to 2003 - I
resigned as it would appear the FOC
has become nothing more that a contest and number chasing club, I
am not interested in either but not
against contests. I resigned for one
major reason I was asked to QSY to
another band - Fine = that was no
problem but the reply I got was "thanks for new band" 161 cul - this
guy was after bands and numbers - not interested in a decent QSO
I will not be joining any CW clubs
either Cheersw Mac/G4OEC


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