Friday, January 01, 2010

iBCNU v1.7 is available - resolving the bugs in v1.6

If you've been reading the blog for a few weeks, you'll know that I'm fond of the APRS application for the iPhone called iBCNU. Version 1.6 which was released a few weeks ago had a few issues with the application crashing at startup.

I was delighted to see an update of the program (v1.7) released on 29th December. I installed the program yesterday and it's working well. The issues at startup have been resolved.

In addition, Dave, AB3Y has made the following changes:

+ if speed detected, it is shown as overlay on main screen
+ added metric and imperial units switch
+ added support for custom APRS filters
+ added detailed GPS information screen
* resolved crashes during application start
* resolved text truncation on LOG screen
* resolved text truncation on HELP screen
+ added new items to HELP screen
* changed custom interval upper limit to 1000s
* fixed visual bugs on Settings screen
+ added data RX and TX counters to LOG screen
+ added disconnect button
- removed "(" from streams
* changed splash screen

Nice work, Dave - and I think this is a really fun application to try if you have an iPhone. If you give it a go, try sending me an APRS message to G4VXE-6!


g4ilo said...

The more I read about this the more I wish I'd got an iPhone instead of a VX-8E. Then I wouldn't have to run my own IGate to get my APRS on to the network.

Tim said...


Well, on the other hand, I feel a slight fraud not using Amateur RF to 'do' APRS! I like the look of the VX-8E and can't help a slight hankering after one, but I can't really justify it with the E92 as well!

g4ilo said...

That's a topic I was just about to blog about. :)

Mind you if I got an iPhone then I could sell the VX-8E and use my TH-F7E (which I have kept because the HF SSB/CW RX capability is handy.) The only thing I dislike about the Kenwood is that there is no drop-in charger so you have to faff about with a wall-wart and a trailing cable whenever you want to charge the battery.

Or I could get one of the new Alinco tribanders which I actually like the look of more than the Yaesu.

Decisions, decisions...

VE3WVA said...

Just wondering if someone could offer me some advice as to how to get the app working on my iphone 4s... it connects to the aprs server and appears to beacon but i am not showing up... I have a similar app on my android tablet that works great, but it does not have cellular data capability (3g) like my iphone does. I cannot find any support link to the developer of the app. many, many thanks! 73 de VE3WVA Rusty

Tim said...

Hi Rusty,

I just tried mine and it does seem to be ok. Are you using the default for the server ok? Are you seeing data in the log?

Looks like the developer is working on version 2!


Frank O said...

why this app is not available on apple store Canada.. update please..


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