Wednesday, January 06, 2010

APRS-IS for Windows by Lynn, KJ4ERJ

Thanks to Julian, G4ILO (who, by the way has a really excellent blog over at I was reading about APRS-IS for Windows written by Lynn Deffenbaugh, KJ4ERJ.

Lynn has ported the code that he wrote for a Windows Mobile client to the Windows platform for a really useful APRS desktop client. To get the software, which is free you need to join the APRSISCE32 Yahoo group. The software is a work in progress, but it's good enough for me!

Installation is straightforward, though if you (like me) have a habit of not reading instructions, bear in mind that you enter your callsign, centre the map on your location and then exit the program to save the settings! I didn't and wondered why I was getting NOCALL as my station callsign.

It's a nice APRS desktop client and seems to work well. If you have a Windows Mobile/CE device then it will be worth trying that software out too!

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Anonymous said...

APRS-IS position sending app for Windows Phone 7.5 source code/project


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