Sunday, January 03, 2010

Another new CW club - The Essex CW Club

Is there something in the air at the moment? News now that another morse club has recently been founded. The founders of the Essex CW Club are based in Essex in the UK, but are looking for members from further afield. The group states

Essex CW Amateur Radio Club is for anyone with a passion for Morse Code. Although the founders were from Essex, England, we welcome members from much further afield. In fact it would be great to hear from like-minded folk from anywhere in the UK and beyond.

If you are already proficient in CW, then you can join as a full member. If you aspire to learn CW and become proficient in using it on-air, then please join as an associate member. There are plenty of people in the club who are able to help you learn and progress with your CW skills and offer advice in how to make the most progress with your learning.

Membership is free, though donations are encouraged.

G1FCW is the club callsign and the club meets on-air (using CW of course!) on the last Wednesday of each month on 3,540 KHz +/- QRM at 19:30 hrs UTC. We also meet on 14.045 MHz ± QRM at 16:00 hrs UTC on alternate Tuesdays (from 12/1/10), for our more distant members. Listen out for G1FCW and call in if you can!

Read more about the club here

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