Thursday, May 21, 2009

The start of the season's Sporadic E

Good to see that some Es is starting to happen. I've only really noticed signals on 28MHz so far, but apparently last weekend, just after the 144MHz contest had finished, there was a Es opening into Bulgaria.

Let's hope we see some more. It'll be particularly interesting to see what happens on 70MHz this year, with an increasing level of European activity.

D-STAR Newsletter

Just saw a link on Twitter for a new D-STAR Newsletter. It'll be distributed at Dayton this weekend, but you can see it online too.

Some interesting stuff to digest...

View the newsletter

Monday, May 11, 2009

RadCom's 'Sport Radio' column

Though I've never particularly mentioned it here, I've been writing the Contesting, later 'Sport Radio' column for RSGB's RadCom magazine for over 10 years. For a variety of reasons, mostly time related, I've been planning to retire from it for a little while now.

This morning, I sent the e-mail to Elaine, the editor of Radcom advising her of my intention to stand down. The current plan is that my July column will be my last.

I've very much enjoyed writing the column, but it's time to move on and do other things. Time too, for someone to bring fresh ideas to the column. That's important too.

28/50MHz Crossband Repeater Proposal from the Wessex Repeater Group

I was just looking for some information on QRZ.Com when I found this interesting nugget:

6m to 10m Cross-band Repeater

The WesseX Repeater Group is proposing that a 6m to 10m cross-band FM voice repeater be established in South Wiltshire in the UK, on the site currently occupied by GB3WX.

GB3WX, the group's existing 6m repeater, has a significant coverage area, which can be viewed at:

It stretches from the IOW to South Wales, with similar distances to the NE and SW. It is anticipated that the 10m coverage should be very similar.

There is of course the potential for significant Sporadic E's and MUF DX propagation, which should of course greatly improve with the increase in solar activity, as we start to move towards the next solar maximum.

Therefore, as this would be an significant and ground breaking project, since cross-band repeaters, 6m/10m, have not previously be allowed in the UK, the group would like to assess the level of support from the general Amateur Radio community, prior to making the formal application to the ETCC / Ofcom.

It would be very much appreciated if amateurs could share their thoughts with us, by completing the group's on-line survey, at the group's web site:

Friday, May 08, 2009

Get ready for the Sporadic E season

Had a nice chat with Keith, G6LLX on the way to work this morning. He told me that he'd been working some 28Mhz sporadic E over the last few days.

Yesterday evening, he said he'd worked into Algeria and Morocco on ten and had worked around 10 countries this week.

I was telling Keith that I'd been planning to put my 10 metre aerial on the car, as the barrier at the station had been open. As soon as I had that thought - the barrier came down and I'm restricted to being able to drive through the gate with the smaller aerial. Still, no matter, I can easily stop just outside and put the bigger aerial on.

Hopefully we'll see more openings on 10 metres and in due course, openings on 6, 4 and 2 metres.

In the meantime, check out Tony's 10m report on the Southgate ARC website.


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