Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Marconi Memorial CW Contest last weekend

More traditional activity at G4VXE last weekend during the 144MHz Marconi Memorial Contest. This is a CW contest and though activity isn't generally frenetic, there's usually enough to be of interest.

I managed a few quick sessions on the air and though conditions were pretty poor, I was pleased to work a couple of stations from the Netherlands (PA6NL and PC5M) as well as several French stations, around JN19 area. I did hear a weak German station at one point but didn't make contact.

Enjoyable contacts!

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Paul PA3DSB @ PC5M said...

Hi Tim!
You're welcome!
The contest was enjoyable indeed. It was pretty hard to copy you. I have it on MP3. Mail me at paul.merkx at telfort.nl if you're interested.

Our stats:
PC5M Crew:
Carel PC5M (unfortunately busy at work)
Frans PA3CQU
Peter PA3AUC

Totaal gross 98.500 km

OZ 1
DL 163
F 29
G 21
GM 2
HB 3
OE 2
OK 27
ON 10
PA 12
SM 1
SP 1

0-500k 188
500-600 44
600-700 20
700-800 10
800-900 1
900-1000 6

Best DX OL9W JN99CL @ 944 km
Our site: www.pc5m.com

Regards an see you next yr.


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