Saturday, November 14, 2009

G4VXE Weather Station Data now on APRS

Having become a little more interested in APRS this week, having played with the iBCNU program, I remembered that the excellent Cumulus software that I use to publish my weather station data to Twitter and the Weather Underground also supports APRS. This morning, I've configured Cumulus to upload the G4VXE weather station data to APRS.

You can see it on the map here


Laurent said...


Nice thing ! I also upload my weather station data to APRS and Weather Underground, but i do this without PC, using a small NSLU2.

Details on

73 !

Steve Bunting said...

All Good stuff Tim. How about setting your home station up for RF as well? Even an unattended RF-Inet only gateway is of use to passing mobiles. All you need is an old PMR set on 144.8...

Tim said...

Steve, I must say, I'm tempted...!

Roger, G0AOZ is pretty active on APRS from just down the road, so it might duplicate existing coverage, but it would be good fun to set up!

I wonder if I've still got a TNC somewhere...



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