Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The return of 28MHz propagation?

Chatting to Des, G0RBD last week, he told me that he'd been hearing a few stations on 28MHz in recent days - mostly North/South propagation in the early evenings - for example from South America.

I listened a little at the weekend and heard nothing, but it's almost certainly going to be worth checking 10m in the late afternoon and early evenings. Try around 28.500 on SSB and the bottom 50khz or so on CW for signals. Check the beacon band (most beacons are between 28.200 and 28.300) too, in case the band's open and no-one's operating, which is always a risk on bands like 10 metres.

You can find a comprehensive list of 28MHz beacons, as well as all HF beacons at G3USF's beacon page

Sometimes, too, it's worth tuning down below 28MHz to see if any SSB CB operators are active, as they sometimes spot the band openings before hams!

I had a listen this evening and although 28MHz was quiet, on 27MHz I heard a station from Corsica, some French stations and some weak Italians. So the propagation is there. Hard to say whether the lack of stations on 28MHz was a function of the MUF, or lack of activity.

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Charles said...

Also look for sporadic E at this time of the year on 10m, just erected a 5/8 vertical and looking forward to some activity
Charles EI5FK


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