Sunday, September 06, 2009

Listening to HB9EME on 2m: More from the 2m VHF Contest

Just after I recorded the video from the 2m contest this morning, I came across HB9EME lower down the band. He wasn't a great signal here - let's remember I only have a small 5 element yagi up at around 10m - but he was easy copy.

I shot a little more video as I listened to him, which perhaps explains a little more about why I like VHF DXing - hope you find it interesting too.



Anonymous said...

Hi Tim, You are making me envious hearing those signals from HB9 still have not got up my VHF/UHF aerials yet :-( also good to hear the voice again!! 73s Phil G0BVD

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,
Thank you for the recording and comments.
quite interesting .
One of the HB9EME op.


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