Saturday, August 08, 2009

Perseids Meteor Shower

If you're interested in astronomy, VHF DXing or both, then the Perseids Meteor shower, peaking around 11/12th August is going to be of interest to you. Reflections are starting to build up and this morning, as I was sat listening to 144.300 there were already some sizeable reflections.

If you've not tried meteor scatter before, why not set your receiver to one of the calling channels; 144.300, 50.150 or 50.110 or even 70.200 and listen for a while. With any luck you'll start to hear some reflections.

Read more about the Perseids here:

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g4ilo said...

Another interesting thing to do is set up Joe Taylor's WSJT program and tune to 50.230. There's a good web page describing what to do at .


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