Thursday, August 20, 2009

GB3ZY 50MHz repeater: An update

I wrote a few weeks back about the GB3ZY 50MHz repeater coming on air from Dundry Hill near Bristol. At the time, I could hear it pretty well, but hadn't succeeded in getting into the repeater.

A couple of evenings ago, I was driving home, listening to the GB3FX repeater on 50.810 when I became aware of an interfering signal off to the site. I tuned down 10khz and found the GB3ZY repeater much stronger than usual, around S7 to S8.

I found I was just about able to get a signal into the repeater over a distance of 50-60 miles, although it was clear that I was hearing the repeater better than it was hearing me.

In conversation with Roger, G4HZA, it turns out that he occasionally hears the repeater from Surrey and on one occasion, even managed to get into it.

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