Sunday, July 12, 2009 Just for the record

Around the time when I decided to stop writing the Sport Radio column in Radcom, I decided also, that it was time to step back from involvement with the RSGB's Contest Committee. Not because of any falling out, but simply the same as with the column, that it was time for me to move on.

As one of the 'loose ends' that I alerted the Contests Committee to, around 6 weeks ago, was the fact that I had paid for the internet domain in recent years, but on renewal, which was due this July, I would like the Contests Committee to take this over or make other arrangements. Since that time, other than a quick question about the redirection of e-mail addresses, there's been no mention of renewing the domain and indeed no contact from the Contests Committee.

So I was interested to have a call this evening from a local amateur who wondered what was going on and whether I'd forgotten to renew the domain!

Just for the record; I'm happy to renew it at RSGB's expense, transfer it or let it lapse. But they'll need to tell me what they'd like to do! I can read fast CW, but not minds...


Peter, M3PHP said...

Hi Tim,

Bit of a poor show that the RSGB CC don't seem to worried about the domain name, but I do think the RSGB have far to many sub websites which could all come into the main site but as you've probably seen there always seems to be issues when this is brought up!

Maybe they'll be in touch when the domain expires and a nice landing page shows up! :)


Peter, M3PHP

Tim said...

As a follow up to this, I was just talking to a Contests Committee member and it seems they did try to tell me that they wanted the domain to lapse. Unfortunately the e-mail never made it through.

I can believe that! Pete - thanks for trying anyway!

Anyway, it seems that the old URL is no longer required.


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