Sunday, July 26, 2009

GW4VXE/P portable from Pembrokeshire on HF

Julie and I have just got back from a wonderful week's holiday in Pembrokeshire, the very western part of Wales (GW). I took some simple radio kit over there and set it up from time to time, on a picnic table overlooking the sea.


The video shows a little of how it worked on HF. I listened on 50 and 144MHz too. No contacts made, but I could hear the Cornish beacon, GB3MCB weakly on both bands, just using a short vertical antenna.

What was interesting was 10m. Each time I listened, there were some weak signals coming through - generally from somewhere like Italy - but it was notable that I was hearing those signals when there wasn't a breath of activity on 15m or some of the lower bands.

Oh, and on the soundtrack, I say that the battery is a dry cell. Obviously it's not! It's a Lead Acid one!

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SV1GRN said...

Hello Tim, nice see you working /p /qrp keep up the good work.
73 de SV1GRN


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