Saturday, June 06, 2009

Mapping and Amateur Radio talk at Harwell on Tuesday evening

I was asked recently if I'd do a talk at the Harwell Radio Club. I said I'd be delighted to and we settled on a topic of 'Mapping and Amateur Radio'.

What I'm planning to talk about (and I've just finished working on the slides!) is how we can use some of the excellent free mapping software that's available for amateur radio purposes. I hope there will be something of interest for everyone and if I do my job right, hopefully some attendees will go home wanting to try it out for themselves.

The talk will be held this Tuesday, 9th June at Rutherford Appleton Lab's Social Club at 8pm. If you're in the area, it would be great to see you there!


Peter, M3PHP said...

Hi Tim,

sounds like it will be a very interesting talk, will be be putting the presentation online after the talk?

73 Pete, M3PHP

George said...

It's not a free application, but cheap: check out


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