Saturday, June 06, 2009

G4VXE likes this...

Last weekend, I was working away up at the allotment, planting beans and doing all those sorts of things. As I was up there on my own, I took the Icom E-92 and had it scanning around. I was pleased to find a good QSO going at the Swindon 70cms repeater, GB3TD. For a couple of hours, the repeater was kept busy with some interesting discussions.

Though I was busy, I was quite tempted to call in, but muddy hands and handhelds don't mix really! Really wanted to have a facility a bit like the Facebook 'Tim likes this', to show that I was listening and enjoying the QSO. Maybe there's something we can build into a D-STAR system to show that though we're not taking part in a QSO, we're there, listening and enjoying it.

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Peter, M3PHP said...


Something like a facebook or twitter system where you could leave a comment about an ongoing QSO would be very neat and possible no doubt in the future with all the digital technology being developed.

Would be nice to have a DStar repeater in Oxfordshire :)

73, Pete


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