Monday, May 11, 2009

RadCom's 'Sport Radio' column

Though I've never particularly mentioned it here, I've been writing the Contesting, later 'Sport Radio' column for RSGB's RadCom magazine for over 10 years. For a variety of reasons, mostly time related, I've been planning to retire from it for a little while now.

This morning, I sent the e-mail to Elaine, the editor of Radcom advising her of my intention to stand down. The current plan is that my July column will be my last.

I've very much enjoyed writing the column, but it's time to move on and do other things. Time too, for someone to bring fresh ideas to the column. That's important too.


Peter, M3PHP said...

Sorry to hear your standing down from the column Tim, but you've done your fair share over the last 10 years.

Look forward to seeing your last few before the new person takes over.

Pete, M3PHP

m0blf said...

We'll miss reading your column, Tim, but thanks for the efforts you've put in. Let's hope HQ find someone equally competent to fill your shoes.
73 de M0BLF

g4ilo said...

I'll miss your column too, Tim. But as someone who wrote the Helpline column in PC Advisor for more than 10 years, I can appreciate that you feel the need to move on. It will also be nice to be free of those monthly deadlines...

Phil said...

Sorry to hear you are stepping down from the column, have enjoyed reading it over the years. Things do move on but will the column be the same I doubt it.
73s Phil G0BVD


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