Friday, April 24, 2009

GB3UK 70cms repeater

I was chatting to Richard, G4ERP the other day on the GB3WH repeater and he mentioned the GB3UK repeater on 70cms. I tune around a fair bit on the VHF bands and I was conscious that I hadn't heard it.

So I did a little research and found that GB3UK is located on Cleeve Hill near Cheltenham (at around 1000 ft asl). It uses, to my mind, some unusual frequencies which is why I'd not come across it! Anyway, the output is on 430.8625 with the input on 438.4625.

Once I'd worked out how to make my rig do the split, I've had the repeater running on one of the VFOs in the car and also on a HT around the house. It's a great signal with good coverage. I can use it all the way down to Didcot - which must be a good 50 miles from the repeater site. It's nice to be able to work down into the Severn Valley too.

So, if you're in range - have a look - maybe we can have a QSO? Since the repeater is well located, you may find that you can hear it from considerable distance if you have a good site.

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