Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wainwrights on the Air

I was pleased to receive an interesting e-mail from Julian, G4ILO who sends details of a new award for 'Wainwrights on the Air' (WOTA). Here's what Julian has to say.

As editor of the Sport Radio column in RadCom I thought you might like to be the first to know of a new adventure radio scheme I am launching on 21st March called Wainwrights On The Air (WOTA.)

As you may be able to work out from the name, it's a bit like Summits On The Air, but using the 214 Lake District fells described by A Wainwright in his famous hand-drawn guidebooks. As someone who lives close to the Lake District I was initially interested in SOTA as an incentive to get out on the hills with a radio, but was disappointed to find that only about a quarter of the Wainwright fells actually count for SOTA points. What's more, many of those are the tougher ones to reach, which are beyond the capabilities of many of us. A keen activator would soon have to drive long distances to find new summits to activate.

In online discussions it became clear to me that there was a lot of interest in more regionalised schemes that included more easier summits, and that didn't involve activators in driving hundreds of miles to reach them. It also became clear that the existing SOTA organization was unlikely to be interested in running regional schemes.

I was therefore persuaded to do it myself. In fact, it appears that WOTA will just be the first of a number of "adventure radio" activities being developed by various people. You can see the WOTA website at The site is not completely finished, but it is pretty close. Anything else you might be interested to know about it will hopefully become clear if you go there. I hope that you will be able to give it a mention in a future RadCom.
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g4ilo said...

Thanks for the mention, Tim. I hope that WOTA will encourage more people to get out and have some fun with ham radio in the Lake District hills.


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