Thursday, January 29, 2009

UK 2m and 70cms Echolink gateways mapped

Chatting to Paul, 2E0BHA on the way to work this morning, we realised that we weren't too sure where all the different Echolink gateways were. I said I'd take a list and map them.

You can download a KML file to pull into Google Earth here

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Tim said...

Hi Tim,

Your Map of EchoLink Gateway Stations is just what was needed - and not before time! Previously, I've done my head in trying to find distant Gateways for use when travelling, or trying to find information for foreign stations intending to visit UK and wishing to talk back home. This problem reared its head only last evening (30th Jan) when I tried to find an RF EchoLink path to connect between Exeter and Isle of Wight - finding Gateways, Frequencies and Tones was a nightmare! WELL DONE.

A useful addition would be EchoLink Node Nos. - although I am grateful for the information you have already amassed! Pity RSGB is not more proactive in such areas. I have briefly glanced through the rest of your website - some very interesting stuff, and I'll take more time out to read up. I'm particularly interested in more use of 50MHz - and not just when the DX is running - and run solar powered stations myself.

73 for the moment.



G8FXM said...

Nice map Iain and Tim.

Kelly Martin said...

I'm going to incorporate this data into my own union database, which means it'll eventually find its way into k5ehx's massive repeater database because I feed data to him after I've validated and cleaned it. Neither of us has a lot of UK entries, though.

Could someone perhaps point me to information on UK bandplans and standard repeater offsets? I don't currently have this info. You can email me at ab9rf (at)

Kelly Martin AB9RF

g4ilo said...

Nice map! However I just looked up the two gateways shown here in Cumbria, G0RZI and G8IRC, on the RSGB "All Gateway Details" list, and they are both shown as "cancelled/expired." :(

Tim said...

Ha ha! Thanks, Julian. The data was 'current' in early February. I'll try and regenerate it shortly and hopefully it will lose those. I used the data off the RSGB's Emerging Technology Committee pages.


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