Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Catching up with Hambrief TV; Satellites and D-STAR

I've mentioned Chris Matthieu's, N7ICE site, before. Chris has been producing some interesting podcasts over the last few months. What I really like about Chris' presentations is his enthusiasm. I don't think I've ever watched one of his podcasts and not been inspired about something to try, or research. So, well done, Chris - and thank you!

This morning, I caught up with the latest two podcasts, which you can find over at Hambrief TV

Episode 11 was filmed at a Hamfest local to Chris in Arizona. The really compulsive viewing is of a live satellite demo by (oh, I should have written his callsign down...) KD9.... anyway, it's brilliant. It shows how simple and straightforward satellite operation can be and how viable it is, even with simple equipment.

Episode 12 is about D-STAR and in particular features a demo of the D-V Dongle. The D-V Dongle is, unsurprisingly, perhaps, a dongle which will plug into your PC or Mac and allow you to use the D-STAR network. Chris has a super and interesting QSO with a station mobile in Washington. DC from his computer. It's impressive in lots of ways.

In many ways, I'm not a fan of the D-V Dongle, because it isn't an RF device. It's not radio as such, although of course, it does connect into a radio network. But if you're miles from the nearest D-STAR repeater and want a gentle introduction to D-Star it may be a way in for you, so I wouldn't discount it.

The overall operation of the D-STAR network in the QSO was very impressive and certainly made me want to find out more. Whatever you think of the D-V Dongle I think you'll find it a thought-provoking and impressive presentation.

Well done, Chris - thanks for the inspiration!

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Chris Matthieu said...

Hi Tim, You are my new best friend (literally just friended you on! Thanks for your kind words. I am so thankful to meet hams that appreciate advancing the hobby and enjoy spreading the word. 73s, Chris Matthieu ~ N7ICE


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