Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ubuntu and Amateur Radio

I had the chance over the last day or two to install VM Player on my Windows machine and install Ubuntu. It´s working well and I´m delighted with the ´regular´ software, Firefox and Twhirl working just as it should. Openoffice is fine, of course.

But what ´must have´ Amateur Radio software for Ubuntu is there to try? Let me know what I should try - I´d love to hear from you.


Robert McKenzie said...

If you fire up Synaptic from the System -> Administration menu there is an entire category dedicated to Amateur Radio tools.

I've not actually used many of them as yet in anger but plan to in the very near future. I've just recently to bin Windows and go full time Ubuntu (8.10 64-bit).. so far everything is working well, and for those pesky-must-have Windows tools I've had good luck with CrossOver so far. That reminds me, I need to get HamRadioDeluxe installed under CrossOver and see how that works. Failing that I'll have to resort to using VMware or VirtualBox and install XP..

goody said...

Fldigi! It's a digital mode program that is hands-down just as good as any of the Windows programs. You have to try it.

One thing I haven't found in Linux is a good logging program, or at least is as good as any of the Windows programs. This has kept me from making the full jump to Linux. In my dreams I would love to have Ham Radio Deluxe ported to Linux or at least runnable in Wine.


Peter, M3PHP said...

Hey Tim,

Take a look at gMFSK for digital modes, and DJ1YFKs linux apps http://fkurz.net/ham/

73, Pete, M3PHP

Paul VP9KF said...

CQR Log available at Sourceforge and OK1RR looks interesting. Do you Skype, Tim? Paul, G4BKI/VP9KF

Tim said...

Thanks all - brilliant suggestions.

With a busy couple of days, I haven´t tried much out, though I got fldigi installed quickly and it seems to work. I tried to use the CW decode on PI7CIS, but on a first play, I didn´t get a decode - but I expect I was doing something wrong.

Particularly interested in logging software - so I´ll follow those up very shortly.


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