Monday, December 29, 2008

Testing out the new mobile mount

My magmount for the car had got a bit loose. There were gaps around the base of the antenna which flapped around a little and I have a feeling that water was getting in somewhere, based on the fact that the SWR for the first mile or two seemed higher than normal. After that, the RF dried it out!

Anyway, the boys kindly bought me a new magmount for Christmas. I fitted it up yesterday and immediately thought that signals seemed quite a lot stronger!

This morning, Russell and I popped up to Witney. I put the radio onto MB7IDM and was pleased when Ben, JA1RTS from Tokyo called through the gateway. We had a nice chat during the short drive up the A415.

So, the antenna and mount seems to be working well. I might try the 18MHz mobile aerial this week, which I´ve not yet had a chance to have a go at.

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