Sunday, November 16, 2008

A quick bash on 160m

By and large I don't do much on 160m - the Butternut doesn't work particularly well. However, I can usually work the stronger signals if I tune the aerial with the FT1000MPs ATU.

Actually the tuning process is a bit tricky. If I tune on 100w, the rig's internal ATU just hunts and never tunes. If I tune the power down to micropower and try and tune it there it generally gets close enough to be able to run something close to 100w!

Anyway, remembering that last night was the RSGB 1.8MHz CW contest, I thought I'd pop on quickly and work whoever was loud. First in the log was MD0CCE and second was near neighbour Bob, G0ADH. GM4FAM was a fine signal but had more people calling, so I didn't make it through the pileup for the couple of times I called.

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