Thursday, October 09, 2008

Echolink mobile

Since the GB3WO repeater is Echolink enabled, for a while, I've been thinking about how I can utilise some of the neat features of Echolink when I'm mobile. In other words, the DTMF activated commands, such as being able to link to particular stations or repeaters.

The DTMF microphone for the FT8900 seems expensive - just under £100 when I last looked, though I'm sure there are cheaper imports available. Earlier in the week, I ran into a cheaper alternative! A DTMF tone dialer on eBay for less than a fiver!

Result! The dialer arrived yesterday and I tried it out through GB3WO, connecting to the ZL2ARG repeater in Nelson, New Zealand. There, I was able to have a super QSO with Brian, ZL3BSO.

So, hopefully, I'm going to keep the tone dialer in the car and when the opportunity presents itself, I can connect through Echolink to various repeaters round the world. We'll see how it goes!


Tim said...

Hi Tim

Inspired by your post I bought a DTMF box from what I suspect was the same E-bay seller. Some fun was had talking to the U.S.A. via GB3WO.

Have also given the same DTMF boxes to a couple of pals as a Christmas present. Thanks for the tip!

Steve / G7HEU.

Tim said...

That's excellent news, Steve! I think the Echolink capability mobile is really good.

I've been playing with the MB7IDM gateway quite a bit recently and have been having some nice QSOs around the place.

Hope your pals take to the idea as well - well done for encouraging a bit more activity!

73, Tim


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