Monday, September 15, 2008

VHF and HF activity update

Things seem to have been a little quiet from G4VXE recently? Why? No real reason that I can put my finger on.

A couple of interesting spots of radio today. The first on 2m, this morning as I was coming out of the village was that I noticed GB3PO identify on 145.650. GB3PO is located in Ipswich, probably 120 miles from here. Though I hear it regularly, it's not common to hear on the mobile, so there's always a sense that conditions are doing something when I hear it. Barometric pressure looks relatively stable this week, so I'm guessing we'll see a little tropo when it falls away a bit.

At the other end of the spectrum, I had a quick look on 80m this evening, towards the bottom of the band. Serge, UA9FMZ, who I worked a few days ago was on and called CQ without any replies, so I gave him a quick call and we had a nice QSO - with good signals between us. On 30m, EA8/DL3HQN was a good signal too, working both Europeans and Americans.

I was thinking that for the forthcoming VHF and UHF tropo season, I might commission the 4CX350 amplifier, just so that I can switch it in for the more long distance contacts. It's been rare that I've missed out with 50w, but it would be interesting to be able to switch the amp in on occasion and see if there's anything a little further afield that I can work.

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