Wednesday, September 03, 2008

This week's activity...

For a change this weekend, during the commute, I have had the second receiver running on 145.725. There are two repeaters within 'range' on this frequency. The first, and nearest, though over  a tricky path is GB3CG in Gloucester and the second is GB3SN located near Alton in Hampshire.

The interesting thing is that the repeater most often heard is GB3SN. It 'pops up' quite readily when I'm around the village here, as we're reasonably high up and far enough away from the Ridgeway which may screen us to the south, slightly.

Looking forward to the weekend, I'll be over in Wales. I've yet to decide exactly what gear to take, but as it's the SSB Field Day and the 144MHz trophy, there's a call for both HF and VHF gear. Should be fun, as I'll be catching up with a friend, Jack, who's as yet, unlicenced, but we'll hopefully give him a little more info this weekend which will help in getting his licence in due course.

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Allan GM4ZUK said...

I hope to hear you on 144MHz this weekend - its been a while since I worked GW4VXE! Lets hope the wx is better than forecast.



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