Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Somerset 50MHz Repeater

Talking to Paul, 2E0BHA this morning he mentioned that a new 6m repeater is on the air from Somerset. Look on 50.77. I will listen this evening.

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Well! Since I posted this from the train this morning, I have become confused! I checked the repeater list and it looks like GB3FH on 50.77 has been on the air for years! The ukrepeater.net list shows GB3WX at Warminster on 50.83 (output) as well as GB3ZY at Bristol on 50.80.

The moral of the story, I think, is for me to listen on both 50.77 and 50.83 when I'm close to home and see what I can hear.

If you have any information, please let me know!

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