Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CQ WW RTTY this weekend


Well, anyone sending streams of RYs these days marks themselves as a RTTY LID, I feel! But in the old days, any RTTY transmission seemed to be preceded by strings of RYs!

This coming weekend brings the CQ WW RTTY contest which is probably the biggest and best RTTY contest in the world. Perhaps the appearance of a sunspot will improve conditions, we can but hope!

Either way, there should be great activity, so dig out your RTTY interface and computer and see what you can do. It's ages since I made any RTTY contacts from G4VXE and I think I might try and put that right this weekend.

Oh - and in the contest - don't be sending any RYs!

1 comment:

OK4BX said...

I have seen few hams with "RY" as callsign suffix :) See you in the contest, our RTTY interface is already prepared since CIS contest last weekend..

73! Tomas


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