Monday, August 04, 2008

Internet Radio and Amateur Radio

Last weekend, a colleague at work, Graham, showed me his 'internet radio' receiver. This box of tricks connects to your WiFi network and is an easy to use way of listening to the various 'Internet Radio' streams. I was impressed, as we quickly were able to listen to a couple of stations in Toronto, as well as more distantly, a station in Wallis Island (FW).

Of course, there's no radio involved at all, but for those interested in the content of the stations, rather than the propagation on short wave - this is a super bit of kit!

I was suitably intrigued to buy my own receiver, a Freecom MusicPal which I'm very pleased with. I've been listening to stations from Brazil and Australia in super stereo quality on the HiFi. It's not quite as good as the DAB radio, but at significantly lower bit rates, it's not to be sneezed at.

Yesterday, though, I was interested to see that I could tune in EI7DAR! Sure enough, it is a webstream from the EI7DAR repeater in Dundalk, Eire.

I like this approach and making webstreams of repeaters available in this way is a great bit of publicity for the hobby - giving non radio-amateurs the opportunity to stumble over amateur radio in the same way that people did in the old AM days!

Are there any other WMA/MP3 webstreams of VHF repeaters available? Let me know if you know of any.


Jeff, KE9V said...

Greetings Tim!

The WinSystem includes dozens of repeaters along the US west coast (and a few elsewhere) that are all linked via IRLP. Streaming audio from that system is available here:

Look for the "streaming audio" link and also don't forget the time difference! :-)

73 de Jeff, KE9V

Nick (G0ORE) said...

Hi Tim,

Have also come across Live Audio Feed from GB3PZ (Manchester Area)
then click on "PZ Audio live" button or go straight to page using this link

Am enjoying reading your blog.

Nick (G0ORE)


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