Monday, July 07, 2008

VHF NFD - without getting wet

It's probably fair to say that the weather dominated the event for the clubs and groups out in the field. Those of us who, for one reason or another, were not able to get out portable, probably had a lucky escape.

I noticed Dave, G3YMC of the Bracknell club refer to the event as VHF Field Day (Aquatics) and the Newquay group, G4ADV/P were not able to be active owing to the very severe weather that they encountered at their site.

Because we had a lot to try and do this weekend, I had to regretfully turn down a very welcome invitation to operate with the Windmill CG, G0FBB/P. I did try to get on and make a few contacts through the weekend though.

On 50MHz, the bands were initially quiet - though of course I struggle to hear the weaker signals on the band, owing to the S5-6 noise level here. First stations worked were M0XXT/P and G5XV/P - both comparatively local and indeed, I worked them both on 6m, 2m and 70cms. Sunday morning saw a little more distant portable activity and I was able to work T99C/P, YT1W, S56A and S52LW.

On 2m, there was nothing really distant, but I was pleased to work MM0CPS/P from IO84 and OQ4U from JO20. Honour was saved by working G0FBB/P on both 2m and 70cms.

Best DX as usual, on 432MHz was PA6NL over in JO21 as well as a nice crop of G portables.

In total, I made around 35 QSOs across the various bands, which was done in fairly short order. I was sorry to miss 70MHz, but wasn't around at the correct time.

A particular pleasure was to have a number of people say that they enjoyed the Radcom column or this blog - kind words which are warmly appreciated.

Congratulations to everyone who braved the elements and I look forward to reading the results in due course.

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