Friday, July 25, 2008

Reflections on the RSGB 80m Club Championships

Last night, I had the opportunity for a beer or two and a chat with Dave, G4BUO and Justin, G4TSH. Some years ago, the three of us, over a Chinese meal in Windsor, concocted the seed of an idea that became the RSGB's 80m Club Championship series. We ran the ideas past Lee, G0MTN who put a lot of energy and enthusiasm into the idea. The series has gone from strength to strength and involved more people in RSGB HF Contesting than we've ever seen before.

In some regards, the series has become so competitive that it's harder for newcomers to do well. Some people have reported that to hold a frequency for the event, they need to be on half an hour in advance to 'warm up' the frequency. Not ideal for beginners. Short of making the contest less popular, I don't know what to do about that.

One of the original ideas for the contests was that they should try and involve as many people from clubs as possible. This, for example, was why we included Datamodes, knowing that would appeal to some people who wouldn't necesarily get involved in 'traditional' contesting. But is the series doing that?

Maybe not. How could clubs increase involvement of their members in the series?

Guest operating, which is big in the international contests, doesn't happen so often domestically. Perhaps you're getting tired of operating in all the Club Championship events? Why not consider turning your shack over to a promising newcomer to your club and helping them through their first contest or two?

I wonder whether we should be doing more to 'reward' the highest placed Intermediate and Foundation licencees. Perhaps there should be 1000 points on offer in each event for the leading Intermediate and Foundation licencee - wouldn't that offer an incentive for the clubs to get members of different types on the air?

Just musings - and have no official standing! What do you think?

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