Sunday, July 06, 2008

One of those magical contacts! NP4A on 50MHz

I've blogged before about contacts that stop you short, even after 20 odd years of doing this stuff. I had one of those today.

I popped up here in the early afternoon to have a look at something and noticed a 'tweet' from Pete, M3PHP that he'd worked a Spanish station on 50MHz. As it was Field Day weekend, I thought I'd have a quick spin across the band and see if there was something that I could work quickly.

A couple of stations on CW - EA1BSH who I polished off pretty quickly and someone I'd worked earlier in the day. Tuned up to SSB - where I often don't hear much because of the noise level. Hmmm. There's something sounding Spanish, perhaps on 50.155. What! It's NP4A from Puerto Rico. He MUST be loud, as he's audible on my little antenna.

I sat and listened for a little while and shot the video I've attached. I was quite happy to sit and listen. But just after I stopped filming, signals came up and he didn't seem to be working anyone, so I dropped my call in and a few seconds later, he was in the log.

I listened some more and discovered why he was such a fine signal. He has a 17ele yagi on 50MHz. Fantastic! I wonder how many Europeans he worked this afternoon and over what sort of geographical area. I heard him working Germans, but there were Lithuanians calling as well.

Pedro - thank you! I can't imagine how you heard my solar powered 50 watts to a 70MHz vertical, but you did - and I'm delighted!

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Anonymous said...

The video looks excellent must have a good phone camera, very jealous with all the stations you are working still no aerials up here but hope to make a start on them soon.
73s Phil G0BVD


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