Friday, July 11, 2008

A good evening on 70MHz

Got home and had a look on 6m. 50.110 was busy with a European pileup working KP4EIT. Feeling smug, as I'd worked NP4A last weekend, I tuned on! Lots of Europeans at good strength on 6m. Hmmm, I wondered. I wonder if 70MHz is open.

Now, bear in mind that the FT847 which is the 70MHz transceiver here is deaf as the proverbial post on the band. Tuned over to 70.200 and heard IZ5EME calling CQ. Gave him a call or two, but without any luck. Up the band slightly was I3VWK working Dave, G4ASR. Both those guys had good pileups going.

I kept the VFO moving and found OK1MAC calling CQ up the band a little. Dropped a call in on CW and was delighted to get a report from him. OK1MAC is a good venerable call! I'm sure I first worked him on the Squarebashers VHF expeditions in the mid 1980s. Kept moving the VFO and heard OK2POI calling CQ - he came back too! Fantastic!

Tuned back down the band and by this time the Italians had mostly faded out, 9A2ZH was calling CQ - but try as I might I couldn't get a response from him on either CW or SSB. No matter, I've worked him on 4m before. Just down the band was S57A, who to my surprise came back to an SSB call (the others were worked on the key).

Exciting to make some new countries on 70MHz. Nothing exceptional in the overall scheme of things, but lots of fun.

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