Monday, June 09, 2008

NFD Weekend

We had a busy and exciting weekend doing lots of things on the allotment and with the bees, but I managed to make a few QSOs during NFD which was fun.

I looked on 28MHz and worked my neighbours - the Oxford Club G5LO/P and the Newbury Club, G5XV/P. I did want to try and work the Flying Pigs, G0IVZ/P down in West Sussex. I heard them briefly on 28MHz, but despite a couple of calls, couldn't raise them. In fairness, they were weak with me and I suspect any hint of noise at their end would have rendered me in audible! Further afield, I worked ER3R/P from Moldavia - perhaps my best DX on 28MHz for a while.

When we got back from dinner at the pub with our friends Steve and Lynne, I had a little look on 3.5MHz and worked some more stations including GW0AAA/P.

Purely by coincidence, there are some nice picture of the GW0AAA/P Field Day operation here.

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