Friday, May 02, 2008

Some 70MHz activity updates

Leo, SV2DCD's blog alerted me to the renewal of the Italian 70MHz permits for the summer. I checked for some more details at the 70MHz website and found several items of interest (note to self, must check that site more often!). Lots of good reason to get going on 70Mhz for the summer.

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Italy from I0JX

The authorization for a second 70 MHz ham-radio experimental campaign in Italy has been granted on April 30th 2008. Its validity lasts until December 31st 2008. The technical parameters and the operational conditions are the same as for the year-2007 experimental cycle. The I0JX/B beacon operating from Rome on 70,088 MHz has been re-activated.

Germany from G6GVI and OZ2M

DL3YEE and DI2PM will be active from 1st May to 30th August, 2008.

69,950 MHz, max bandwidth 2,7 kHz and max 10 W EIRP.

Czech Republic by OZ2M

Radio amateurs in the Czech Republic are now permitted to transmit on 70 MHz. The licensing conditions are: 70,2-70,3 MHz, 10 W ERP and up to 20 temporary licenses are valid until 2008-12-31.
Stations are already active.

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SV2DCD Leo said...

Hope to work you on 4m band this summer.My equipmnet is FT847 25W antenna 9el yagi 10m boom
73 de SV2DCD Leo


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