Saturday, April 19, 2008

29MHz FM: Funny what happens when you hit the wrong button!

This afternoon I drove up to the allotment to do a quick bit of planting. As is normal, I switched the FT8900 to have a listen around. Rather than hit the memory scan, I accidentally hit band scan on 29MHz. To my surprise, the receiver stopped on 29.640 and I heard the tail end of an ID, sending IO92NF.

Had a quick fiddle around, setting the repeater shift up and found that I could just about open the repeater. It's GB3CJ, located up at Northampton. Not bad coverage to make it down here onto the ridge at Longworth. I've set it in one of the memories now, so it will be interesting to see how often I hear it, and from where.

The GB3CJ website is here

I had a feeling I could hear a weak signal on 29.600 FM this afternoon, so perhaps things are starting to happen!

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